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How Would LinkedIn Score Your Brand?

How effective have you been at building your social brand and leveraging social media to achieve key business results on LinkedIn?

It’s a question data can answer. LinkedIn even gives leaders analytics with its Social Selling Index (SSI). This tool is not simply for sales professionals. It gives any professional a pulse on how effectively they are using LinkedIn as a business tool and how their performance compares to their network and their industry.

SSI scores individuals on a 100-point scale based their effectiveness of establishing your professional brand, finding the right people, engaging with insights and building relationships. Get your free score at

A group of top performing sales professionals helped LinkedIn develop this four-part formula based on key behaviors that help drive sales. Social selling is when a professional uses social media to develop relationships with prospects and deliver value until the prospect is ready to buy.

LinkedIn designed the SII to complement its Sales Navigator platform, a paid service focused on helping professionals identify, learn about and nurture leads.

So once you have seen your score, if you are like me, you likely will want to know how to influence it. Here are few ways to get results:

Create a professional brand.

This is the most important step you will ever take on LinkedIn, whether you care about your SSI or not. Take the time to complete your profile, first ensuring your summary communicates your value proposition. Your skills and their related endorsements and the use of specialty sections such as volunteer experience all come into play here.

Find the right people.

LinkedIn is as much of a professional database than anything. Use the search functionality to identify people to add to your network, join groups and request introductions. Check out who’s viewed your profile (your view is limited with a free account) and then engage with those individuals. 

Engage with insights.

This is more about using LinkedIn as a communication tool. LinkedIn wants its newsfeed to become the morning newspaper for business leaders. Focus on posting valuable information, interacting with Pulse and using InMail. Be intentional about the content you share. Start by considering which one of these three types of thought leadership:

  • Industry: Be a source of information on news, trends and what’s next in your industry.
  • Product: Share how-to explanations, best practices and strategies related to the products or services your organization provides.
  • Organizational: Communicate key elements related to building a strong corporate culture and attracting and retaining good people.

Build strong relationships.

This is all about connections. About 500 connections is the benchmark for LinkedIn legitimacy and 1,000 is the mark to hit to achieve a top score for an SSI. Interacting with posts published by your network also will help elevate your score in this area.

Did you make it to the end of this article without checking your SSI? Curiosity already would have already got the best of me. Check out your SSI today, and then spend a week or two logging on each day, making new connections and interacting with the LinkedIn newsfeed. (The LinkedIn app makes this easy.) Within a short time, it’s likely you will see your score increase and the business opportunities follow.

This was previously published in Business Central Magazine

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